Financial Goal Setting:To get where you want to go in life, it is important to decide in advance how you will get there. A.D. Financial Planning can help you set the right kind of goals both in the time it will take to complete them and a scope that you can successfully achieve.


Cash Budgeting/Management: 

It is not how much money you make, but how much you spend that could determine your future financial success. Managing money through budgeting is a proven method of becoming financially independent. A.D. Financial Planning can help you set up your first budget, or look for ways to improve your current budget.


Investment Review/Planning: 

A.D. Financial Planning will review your investment ideas with you and identify the strengths and potential areas for development in your present financial plan, and assess how these factors may affect your ability to achieve your financial goals.


Retirement Planning: 

Before retirement it is important that you are saving enough and in the right type of accounts. During retirement it is critical to monitor inflation and tax implications relative to income distribution. A.D. Financial Planning works with you to help maintain your purchasing power and your retirement capital base.


Education Planning: 

Providing for a child’s college education should not place a significant burden on your finances.  A.D. Financial Planning can help you take advantage of special investment strategies and tax incentives to minimize the cost of higher education.