About Us

As a Longview, Texas based financial planner, A.D. Financial Planning is committed to building long-term relationships and serving as your personal financial guide. Whatever your current situation, financial concerns have an impact on your life and relationships. We can help you make the financial decisions that will make the most of what you have now and help you build a more secure, enjoyable future. A.D. Financial Planning is owned by Sam Neale. A.D. Financial Planning is named for his wife, Ashley Dawn.

Sam earned a 4.0 GPA while receiving his M.B.A. from Tennessee Technological University and also earned a 4.0 GPA while acquiring his Master of Science in Management from Murray State University. His undergraduate study was Mechanical Engineering where he earned a 3.9 GPA from the University of Tennessee at Martin. To learn more about Sam, please visit our "Meet the Owner" page.

A.D. Financial Planning is a Registered Investment Adviser Firm in the state of Texas. Before opening A.D. Financial Planning, Sam worked in engineering, manufacturing, application and marketing roles within the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. He continues to work as an executive leader at an HVAC company during the day and helps financial planning clients in the evening and weekends. Because most clients are working themselves, evening and weekend appointments work best for many of his clients.

A.D. Financial Planning offers comprehensive, objective financial advice to clients of all means. A.D. Financial Planning has a desire to help all people find the the road to financial freedom. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your path to financial freedom!