A.D. Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm which means that we accept no commissions, referral fees, or other third-party incentives for anything we recommend to you.  Our practice offers transparent and up-front prices for financial planning.

You pay only for the time we work with or for you; instead of worrying about a third-party commission we might receive from recommending a particular investment or strategy - you know that our advice is always given with only your best interest in mind. A.D. Financial Planning does not stand to gain financially from our recommendations. As fee-only planners we receive no monetary gain from the implementation of our recommendations; this allows us to independently and objectively advise you.  Independent fee-only advisors are not tied to proprietary financial products and can guide clients to the most appropriate solution.

Investment Management

For a personal and in-depth approach, A.D. Financial Planning offers investment advisory services. Under an investment advisory agreement, A.D. Financial Planning works with you on a continuing basis to help you reach your financial goals. A.D. Financial Planning calculates investment advisory fees based upon a percentage of the market value of the assets under management.

Investment Advisory Clients are billed quarterly at the amount determined by the value of the Client’s assets on the last day of the quarter. The fee for all services provided will be 0.50% of all assets under management on assets less than $500,000, 0.40% of all assets under management from $500,000 to $1 million, 0.30% of all assets under management from $1 million to $5 million, and 0.20% for assets over $5 million. The minimum annual fee for retaining a Client is $500 ($125/qtr). A.D. Financial Planning, at its sole discretion, may charge a lesser management fee, or reduce the minimum fee, based upon certain criteria. A.D. Financial Planning does not have a minimum on investable assets.

Advisory fees are billed quarterly, in arrears, based upon the market value of the portfolio at the end of the previous quarter as valued by the Custodian.  Please note that fees paid do not include commissions, or transaction, account maintenance, and custody fees, if any, that may be paid to third parties (none of which are retained in whole or part by A.D. Financial Planning). This fee schedule is subject to change and negotiation. In certain instances, depending upon the client’s needs, assets under management and/or the services to be performed by A.D. Financial Planning, a contract may be entered into with a fee different from the fee schedule set forth above.

Hourly Planning

Hourly financial planning fees are based on our estimate of time required for the engagement at a rate of $200 per hour.  At our first introductory meeting (which is always free), we will provide a quote to you for an engagement.  It becomes a flat fee and you will not be charged any incremental hourly fees as long as we stay within the original scope of the engagement.

With this methodology, you only pay for the time it actually takes and there are no surprises at the end; you know in advance how much our services cost and exactly what you will receive.

Below are some examples of different types of advisory engagements and typical prices associated with them.  An engagement can be as comprehensive as a full financial plan or as specific as a particular task, such as creating a budget or spending plan.

Creation of Budget or Spending Plan  ($100 – $200)

A budget is one of the most important aspects of financial planning. If you are not tracking your money, it just seems to disappear each month and there is never enough left to pay the bills, let alone save for financial freedom! Many people say they've found more money at the end of the month when they created a realistic budget and stuck with it.

A.D. Financial Planning will review your current income and expenses to provide advice to help your money go further each month by offering spending guidelines and advice for prioritizing cash flow.

Educational Savings Plan (529, Coverdell Educational Savings Account, etc. or taxable accounts)  ($400 – $1000)

Provide advice on the appropriate investment options within your educational savings account based upon your children's age, years planning to attend college, college(s) of your choice, desired funding level during college, risk tolerance and other factors.

Retirement Plan Options (401(k), 403(b), 457, Roth etc. or taxable accounts)  ($400 – $1000)

Provide advice on the appropriate investment options within your retirement planning based upon your retirement age, desired income during retirement and risk tolerance.

Full Financial Plan   ($1000 – $3000)

A full financial plan consists of a formal and detailed written analysis of your financial situation. We consider it the best way to protect against unforeseen financial consequences and maximize your financial opportunities. Clients often have an idea of what they want to do and some have started a plan, but most need some help in completing their plan and implementing action steps to financial freedom.

A full financial plan consists of cash flow/net worth analysis, a debt-free budget plan, a retirement savings plan, and an educational funding plan (if applicable). A flat-fee quote will be provided after the introductory meeting.

Continuous Comprehensive Financial Planning (time depends on need)

Periodic updates to the financial plan and on-call services are available for $200 per hour or as a percentage of assets managed. See schedule at top of page for more information for investment management.

Contact us, A.D. Financial Planning is here to help you wherever you find yourself on the financial road. Whether you have no savings or are well on your way to financial freedom, we can get you on the path to prosperity or simply give a second opinion to your investing strategy. Our independence provides you with the confidence that our advice is objective and in your best interest.