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Personal Financial Planning and Education is a benefit designed for employers to reduce employee financial stress.  In reducing employee financial stress, employers increase employee work output and retirement plan contributions, benefit utilization and reduce stress related absences and health insurance claims. Participants in the program are taught by a financial planner from A.D. Financial Planning, a Registered Investment Adviser in Texas.  At the end of the program, employees will leave with a better understanding of financial issues and an individualized financial plan.

Programs can be tailored to meet your specific company needs (i.e. 401(k) presentation covering your plan choices, your company match, etc.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend? 

Sessions are designed for employees who have paid to be in the program. Classes can be tailored to hourly employees, engineers, managers, executives or other employee classes as needed.

How should the cost be split between employer and employee? 

This is up to each employer, however a 50/50 split is recommended. The company benefits from a more engaged employee and the employee benefits from obtaining financial knowledge. Sharing the cost gives the employee additional incentive to attend, learn and apply the topics.

What happens if an employee misses a meeting or withdraws from the program? 

The employee may make up a missed class the next time the program is offered by the employer. If an employee withdraws and does not wish to continue, the fees are non-refundable.

To schedule a free, no obligation, meeting to explore how A.D. Financial Planning can help you achieve your financial life goals, please contact us. A.D. Financial Planning offers fiduciary financial planning for East Texas including Longview and surrounding communities.


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