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Sample Outline

Topic 1: Introduction to Financial Well-Being

  • How to set meaningful and actionable goals
  • Getting on the same page with your partner
    • Learning how to "talk money"

Topic 2: Getting into Financial Fitness Shape

  • How to create a spending plan
  • Understanding the power of cash flow
  • Financial Basics 101
    • The time value of money
    • Inflation
    • Compound interest
    • Risk and diversification

Topic 3: Getting a Handle on Where You Stand

  • What are you really worth today?
    • The Personal Balance Sheet
  • Understanding what affects Net Worth
    • Which actions add/subtract from our net worth?
  • Debt: How to get a Game Plan in place now!
    • Prioritizing and paying it off
    • Understanding what to attack first and why

Topic 4: Planning for Future Needs

  • Identifying future savings needs
    • Retirement
    • Education
  • Making calculations and estimating payments
  • Overview of Social Security 
    • What to expect when you retire
    • When to begin taking benefits
  • Investing simplified for everyday use
    • Is it more important to focus on saving or investing?
    • Can you simply explain what investment vehicles are out there

Topic 5: Personal Risk Managment

  • Identifying risks we face
    • Property
    • Liability
    • Disability
    • Accident/Sickness
    • Premature Death
    • Living too long
    • Identity and reputation
  • Understanding Risks- how to classify and prioritize
  • Overview of financial vehicles to address risks
    • How they work
    • What they cost
  • Putting your Game Plan together
    • Identify objectives and action steps
    • Prioritize based on risks, goals, and funds
    • Identifying a "control" for success