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Financial Planning Process

The A.D. Financial Planning process begins with an in-depth discussion about your personal goals and objectives.  Our understanding of your unique situation assists us in creating a financial plan that addresses your personal desires, needs and values.

Our First Meeting: During our initial, complimentary, meeting we discuss your specific situation and goals.  We will also discuss if the financial planning process of A.D. Financial Planning fits your needs.
Information Gathering and Goal Setting: The information gathering and goal setting stage involves review of the details of your current portfolio, assets, retirement dates, children's education, and more. We accomplish this via private and confidential questionnaires, counseling, and an examination of your documents and records.
Information Analysis: We will carefully analyze your information, identify the strengths and potential areas for development in your present financial circumstances, and assess how these attributes may affect your ability to achieve your financial goals.
Plan Development: We will design a set of recommended actions tailored to your financial goals.

Plan Implementation: This is a critical stage. A.D. Financial Planning is your partner, guide and educator in reaching your financial goals but it takes both of us to have a successful plan. You must be diligent in implementing action items resulting from plan development for the plan to be successful.
Plan Review: At your request, A.D. Financial planning will help you monitor your financial plan and provide updates to the plan on an ongoing, life-stage basis.